Session 9 Creative Workshop

Blog and photos by Jessie Swinburne

Today the clouds were looming grey and moody, a dramatic atmosphere for the winter solstice  planning session to take place.

Chartwell, played us his native music on his mbira, before discussions for the solstice celebrations began… a list of what we can’t do, didn’t stop us trying to plan something, that we hope will send us off; and celebrate the things explored, and how we’ve connected in the last few weeks together…..

Our favourite songs were sang. Leaves are falling, piggy piggy pig. It was decided that everyone wants to see what evolves during our time in the stones. There will be a short period for different experiences, one for photos, one for being quiet and a one for dancing, or whatever feels right. Overall, being present and still, and letting the experience unfold was agreed on.

We sang a lovely song Chartwell sang in Shona, and Yvette sang a beautiful version in English. The lyrics were speedily written up, and will be posted so people feel comfortable with this, and we may well sing it next week.