Session 6: Collections, Neolithic Houses – Part 2

Two bed with a thatched roof

Now in two groups of six; we made our way to the huts as the other group walked off. As they walked off knowing that our group would be going there next I did hope it was not going to be a long walk.
Photo by Louise Topp

As we stood outside the hut we could see a small fire burning through the small doorway. We were invited inside one by one we squeezed through the small door, for me it was like a cat trying to get through a mouse hole, I was dreading a “Winnie the Pooh” moment where someone would have to push me through the small hole. But I did get in.

The first thing that struck me was how spacious it was inside even with nine people. Looking around there were two beds / seats, a central fire used for heating and cooking. There were shelving units (ok more MFI than IKEA) with pots and cooking tools. There was clothing hanging from wall some fur / leathers and even a lining shirt. Along the walls arrows and bows and axes neatly stored.

The guides started off by making some bread by mixing flour and water and cooking on one of the stone from the fire. For more information on bread making please read  A taste of Neolithic life.

While the bread was cooking our guide explained how rope and threads where created from different types of plants. We were shown an assortment of different reeds and grasses for us to use to make cord.

So as we sat there, bread cooking, the heat from the fire, people conversing everyone twisting something to make rope a sense of normalcy filled the space. The hut became to feel very homely and sharing the bread transported us back in time.

Now with bread consumed, ropes made it was time for the next part of our adventure – I’m sure its going to be a long walk…

I am including a video about the huts for your enjoyment.



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Two bed with a thatched roof 

Neolithic building school 

A taste of Neolithic life 

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