Session 6: Collections, Neolithic Houses – Part 4

A Taste of Neolithic life

During the time in the Two bed with a thatched roof we made bread, the funny thing about the process was it seemed so familiar.

Twenty odd years I was very ill had no money so food was scarce and one day there was only a tin of beans and some flour I was going to make a sort of dumpling thing I mixed the flour to a thick paste and dry fried and heated my beans. It was not Heston Blumenthal but it was edible.

And for years I thought I had invented this new bread I had experimented with different flavours etc. but one day on TV there was a program about the outback and survival and they were making my bread but they called it outback bread. They did go on to explain that this bread was the oldest in the world and there were many variations.

You probably have eaten this type of bread recently –pitta, naan, or flat bread. But at the hut they used the recipe I used, so I thought it would be fun to teach you how to make this bread at home and give some variation and ideas to inspire you.

Basic bread

Large flat stone or non stick frying pan

I cup of flour



Place pan on high heat.

Place flour in bowl and add water to make a stiff dough pull and stretch and shape before adding to pan.

Give a few mins turn and flatten cook till you get a little scorching then turn and finish    

As you see there is no exact proportions just flour plus water.

Serve with stew or soup.

Advanced flat bread

Replace water with milk, cream, juice, beer, cider or mead.

If you think from the most basic point of view these liquids would have been easily sourced in the Neolithic age.

When making your own bread be adventurous if you add a fat your get a dumpling style bread so how will adding cheese to the mix make it taste?

What about adding herbs or spices or even bits of cooked meat?

How would it change if you cooked in oven or on a BBQ?

How do different flours make the bread feel and taste?


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A taste of Neolithic life 

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