Session 9: Creative workshop

The Penultimate Instalment

Next week will be our final week and with all finales all the really good stuff happens. And yes we have a great ending planned and there is talk of future groups and future locations. There will also be a catch up session planned, a picnic for both groups to meet and share, an exhibition and few conferences as well as some more creative projects, a short story and a saga poem etc.

This week for myself and I will assume that I was not alone,  today was tinged with a sense of sadness and regret. Projects like this one can add structure to a person’s life and bring many benefits. Fridays at Stonehenge became a thing! a real thing with a life of it’s own! and so next Friday nothing! it’s back to the void. (BTW Final session is on Wednesday not Friday next week) Fridays will be melancholy days for the next few weeks but we have pictures to look at, music from Alphonse to listen to, and some wonderful memories to remind us that we did it! Not just Stonehenge and the group but we managed to push ourselves past the points of giving up and made it each week.

So back to this week after grabbing a coffee and exploring the pots that we made had been fired we discovered that we have a mystery artist along with the pots were tiny replicas of the Venus of Willendorf. The original Venus was made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BCE and proves one thing there are pagans in this group…

After settling down it was planning for next week’s session and our time in the circle. Yes there were some rules to be informed of such as no climbing on stones, no eating or drinking etc and we went over a few things that have been planned for next week just a clue there will be bacon rolls and that’s all I am sharing.

We then moved all the tables to one side and Alphonse set up 5 balafon and there were also a selection of drums and Yvette got us in a musical mood with a quick sing a long.


With the assistance of Alphonse we managed to bang out a beat then a tune we then all moved around and picked up a new instrument and started again. Although the music was very nice and very loud and I was enjoying myself, the problem with BPD pleasure can turn poisonous very quickly happy crumbles into confused thinking and wanting to pull your skin off and run away leading to anger and frustration and yes I got those feelings.

So I stepped outside to get some air do a bit of mindfulness but I forgot my coat and locked myself outside so I had to walk around to the main entrance and grab my coat .

I stood outside the main door wrapped up against the wind the music from the group was at a volume I could handle and I could see what was going on so I was happy.

After the music had stopped we moved the tables back and everyone wrote down their memories for each week, which will be used in part to build the saga poem and the short story, which we will hear, more of in future updates.


What’s up with the bacon roll and will there be a vegetarian option? …

Will our group find the interdimensional portal that opens to the alien world of the true builders of Stonehenge? …

Will Alphonse’s balafon along with the group sing raise the ancient dead? ..

Tune in same time next weeks to get all your questions answered

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