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Human Henge on BBC Radio 4 Open Country

Stonehenge and mental health

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The show was recorded on 22nd March at the final session of the project celebrating the Spring Equinox within the Stone Circle. Presenter Helen Mark hears how the idea for Human Henge began with the Restoration Trust, how it has been supported by English Heritage who operate Stonehenge, and interviews leading expert on Stonehenge, the archaeologist Professor Tim Darvill of Bournemouth University. Tim argues that the site may well have had a healing function in the past as a focus for rituals and ceremonies, and is glad to explore that aspect of it today.

The participants themselves describe how they’ve benefited from being out of doors, from getting to know each other and having a focus besides indoor drop-in support groups. More than one participant says what’s helped her is being treated as someone with a brain, glad to learn something new about her locality and its ancient past.

 Read the press release hereHuman Henge features on BBC Radio 4 Open Country

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Human Henge: how can historic landscapes be good for you?



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Human Henge Evening Talk

Cultural Heritage Therapy in Action with Professor Timothy Darvill and Dr Vanessa Heaslip

Monday 27th March at Stonehenge Education Room

Last Monday we had the opportunity to share how the project is going so far with National Trust and English Heritage members of staff and volunteers. It was an opportunity to learn about how Stonehenge is link to mental health in a therapeutic landscape. Tim Darvill and Vanessa Heaslip delivered a brilliant presentation focusing on the importance of health and well-being. Discussed how Human Henge is a breakthrough project creating engaging sessions, providing physical activities and having supportive social network. To end the lovely evening Tim demonstrated how Stonehenge was built by building a mini Stonehenge in the education room at Stonehenge.