Spring Equinox gathering at Stonehenge 22 March 2019

Maxences des Oiseaux and Yvette Staelens with the group on the Monarch of the Plain

We held another post-project gathering at Stonehenge just after the Spring Equinox. Around 25 people came along. A walk to the Monarch of the Plain led to us standing on the barrows at either side of the west end of the cursus. Prof. Tim Darvill described how the cursus and these two barrows are aligned to the Equinox, rather than to the Solstice. There were musical conversations between flute, jaw harp and drum on top of one barrow, and Max played his swan neck flute on the Monarch of the Plain. We warmed up by a fire in a Neolithic hut, before more music and lunch in the Education Room.

Neolithic hut dwellers
Inside the hut. Photo by Louise Topp
Maxence des Oiseaux

Thanks to Human Hengers, Prof Tim Darvill, Stonehenge staff and volunteers who lit the fires and smoothed the way, and Maxence des Oiseaux for making it such a special event.