Stonehenge Visitor centre - Human Henge project

What will I be doing?
You will be supported to join a welcoming group of people including carers, volunteers and support workers to walk the Stonehenge landscape during ten weekly three-hour sessions. Accompanied by archaeologists, curators and artists, you will learn about prehistory and nature and have the opportunity to contribute to creation of an epic poem.
You will arrive inside the Stone Circle for a celebration on the last session, near the winter solstice or spring equinox.
You will be able to help develop exhibitions at Amesbury Library and Salisbury Museum Festival of Archaeology, and you will make a souvenir of your experience, e.g. a book or a recording, which will also appear on the Human Henge website in a digital version.
You will receive a certificate when you complete the sessions, and an opportunity to contribute to a final Historic Landscapes and Wellbeing conference at Bournemouth University exploring the relationship between people, place and the past. You could go on to become an English Heritage volunteer at Stonehenge.


When will we meet?

You will meet weekly on Friday mornings from 10 – 1 for 10 sessions. The first group runs from October 21st to December 20th.
The second group runs from January 13th to March 21st. After that you can keep in touch with Human Henge as much as you wish until the whole project ends in June 2018.


Where will we meet?

Sessions will start from the Stonehenge Visitor Centre. Around half of them will be based in the Education Room. We will walk whatever the weather, and Richmond Fellowship will support you to make sure that you are wearing appropriate clothes.


How will I be supported?

Daniel O’Donoghue, Richmond Fellowship Locality Manager, and Richmond Fellowship support workers, will be at every session. You can come with a carer if that will help you enjoy the project. All staff and volunteers are trained in Mental Health 1st Aid. The Project Board that runs Human Henge includes two service users, a Psychiatrist and a Nurse. Staff supervision, reflective practice and risk management are built into the project.


How can I be sure that my confidentiality is respected?

Human Henge operates under the partners’ data protection and confidentiality policies and practices. You will be asked for your consent for photography, filming, social media and research. If you do not agree you can still be part of Human Henge.


What is the research programme?

Professor Tim Darvill and Dr Vanessa Heaslip of Bournemouth University are researching how well Human Henge works as an archaeology and wellbeing project. The research conforms to NHS and Bournemouth University ethics procedures.
It is your choice whether or not to take part in the research. If you decide not to, you can still take part in Human Henge.


How much will it cost?

Nothing. Human Henge is free for participants and carers.


How will I get there?

We will make sure you get to sessions and events at no cost to yourself. Richmond Fellowship will provide minibus transport to take people to Stonehenge, where possible. If you drive you will be reimbursed for your petrol and parking, and you will be reimbursed for public transport fares.


What happens if I don’t feel well?

Richmond Fellowship staff will take care of your health needs during sessions at Stonehenge. If you can’t make it to a session staff will keep in touch until you can come again.


What happens if I drop out?

You can leave at any time. It will not affect your care from Richmond Fellowship or the mental health services.


What happens if my support from Richmond Fellowship is ending?

Richmond Fellowship will support you while you are involved in Human Henge.
The Human Henge team will keep in touch until the project ends in June 2018.


What happens if something goes wrong?

If you are unhappy about something to do with Human Henge, please get in touch with Laura Drysdale, the Director of the Restoration Trust, who will try and resolve the issue with you. Contact Laura Drysdale by phone on 01263 519454, or email